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Enabling the SCI will allow Elite Seller’s Bot to obtain data (orders, reports, etc) automatically on your behalf. This is also essential in order to set up automation within our tools (reviews, alerts, etc.)

1. Go to the Seller Accounts section on the left menu

2. Go to Column Named 'SCI' (Seller Central Integration)

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Seller Accounts

3. Click on 'Set up' and follow the 3 first steps, it will send you to your Amazon Seller Central, where you need to add our user.

Important. Please make sure you send the invite to the right user, and please be patient as the invite email will be sent to EliteSeller and it could take up to 30 minutes for us to accept and confirm the invite.

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Go To Amazon Seller Central

4. Once our system accepts the invite, return to your Seller Accounts section and click on 'Set Permissions'

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Set Permissions

5. Follow the next 3 steps to go to your Amazon Seller Central and give our user the requested orders and reports permissions.

IMPORTANT. We now require 2 new Settings Permissions>>Messaging Permission and Fulfillment Settings, to view the full Settings, Orders, and Reports permissions requested, click HERE.

Seller Central Integration (SCI) - Permissions

6. Once you have verified that you gave the proper permissions, return to EliteSeller and click on 'I confirm permissions have been given'

Now, your SCI Should show 'ACTIVE' status.

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Active Status

Note. If there is any problem with the permissions given, we will notify you and the ‘Issue’ word will appear so you can verify what is missing.

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