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The product list widget within the Dashboard provides daily sales statistics for each product within the Seller Account.

How to Add the Product List Widget

1. Click on ‘Dashboard’ in the left-hand menu

2. Determine the tab you would like to add the Product List Widget to by clicking on the tab. The tab selected will be underlined, OR add a new tab.

Add The Product List Widget-Add Tab

3. Click on the +Add Widget Button.

Add The Product List Widget-Add Widget

4. Click on the tab named 'List'

5. Click the button 'Add to the tab'

Add The Product List Widget-Product List

6. A notification will appear informing you that you’ve added the widget to the tab of choice within your dashboard.

Add The Product List Widget-Product Added

When you get back to the dashboard, you’ll find your updated product list there.

How to Edit The Product List Widget

1. Edit by clicking on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the product list widget.

2. Edit the following fields of your choice and click 'Save Widget' when complete.

The Product list widget can be locked by:

  • Seller account(s).

  • Specific time range.

  • Number of ASINs displayed to establish your “Top X products” up to 100.

  • ASINs Display: Grouped or ungrouped per parent ASIN. When ungrouped you can enable the ‘parent ASIN’ column.

  • Widget height: This feature will allow you to have a better view of your ASINs in your product list widget.

    It has 3 options to resize the widget: small, medium & large.

  • ASIN(s): select only the ASINs you want to be displayed in this widget.

For the seller account and time range settings, the widget will respect the locks no matter what accounts or time ranges are in the main dashboard’s time range selector and/or accounts enabled using the Seller Accounts selector.

The widget will show an exclamation mark indicating it is blocked to a seller account and/or the time range selected.

Add The Product List Widget-Exclamation Mark

Column Suggestions

  • Enable the SKUS, ASINs, and Images columns to identify your products quicker!

  • Enable Sessions and Sessions percentage next to each other.

  • Enable COGS column

  • Insert 2 list widgets, 1 vs 1 with different time ranges or topics for quick comparisons, such as:

‣ Most Profitable, less profitable products

‣ PPC Spent VS PPC sales, change the focus of your campaigns!

‣Organic sales VS PPC sales

‣Products with the most refunds for customer follow-up or product feedback.

‣Top decisions for products and campaigns.

Add The Product List Widget-Suggestions

Export the Product List Widget

As an Image: Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the widget and select ‘export as image’ a screenshot of your widget will be automatically downloaded containing all the products and columns in your widget.

Or you can choose to download the products List, not only as an image but as a CSV file too, so you can add it to your reports on a spreadsheet.

Just click on the upper right corner and select “Export to CSV”

How to Clone Widgets:

  1. Select the widget.

  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right up corner of the widget.

  3. Click on Clone, and a widget with the same characteristics will be added to your tab.

Adult flag Warning

When your product is marked as adult by Amazon, our system will place a warning next to your product’s title that reads as followed:

One or more children ASINs have been marked as Adult by Amazon and will not rank for its keywords.

Please note that the title column must be on so you can check such warnings, if you don’t have it visible you can go to the three dots at the top of the widget and select “edit” then look for the title square and select it.

If you want to know why your products are marked with an adult flag please contact Amazon support, there can be reasons involving products category not being correctly used but each case can be very specific.

Being labeled "adult" significantly reduces your exposure in search results.

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