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The Amazon MWS (Marketplace Website Services) column is where you give Elite Seller access to your Amazon seller central side. When you create an Elite Seller account, the first and most important step is to connect Amazon MWS and the Elite Seller account.

Please note: We support US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT. Each marketplace is considered a different seller account.

How to Connect my Seller Accounts with MWS

1. Go to the ‘seller accounts' section in the left menu

2. Click on ‘+Add Seller Account

3. Follow the 4 steps described

4. Provide the Seller ID, MWS Auth Token, and the Store name

5. Click on 'Save Seller Account'

Connect Seller Accounts with MWS-Add Seller Account

Why is my MWS Status showing as inactive?

MWS will show as inactive if the connection has expired, this connection usually expires after 1 year.

You can easily fix this by Updating your Token or creating a new one in your Amazon Seller Central.

1. Go to your Seller Accounts Section

2. In the MWS Column, click on 'ERROR'.

Connect Seller Accounts with MWS-Click On error

3. The following modal will open, Fill in the correct MWS Auth token and Store name.

Connect Seller Accounts with MWS-Save Seller Account

4. Click on 'Save Seller Account'.

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