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Learn step by step how to share, revoke, or manage all permissions that each account owner shares to the collaborators that have access to the Seller Account.

You will be able to see what your VAs are working on, what changes the VAs make, see and choose which permissions to grant or revoke to your VAs, and also you can limit the actions the VAs can do with your account: read, edit, delete, pause, start, and much more!

Share Permissions to a Specific Module

1. Click on the three-dot menu next to the module's name.

2. Click on "Permissions".

Share and Manage Permissions-Permissions Button

3. Click on "Share Access’’.

Share and Manage Permissions-Share Acces

4. Insert the email of the user and select the Seller Account of choice.

Share and Manage Permissions-Email and Account

How to Revoke Permissions in a Specific Module

1. Go through steps 1 to 4 above.

2. Review the user's access.

3. Revoke access by clicking on the red "Revoke access" button.

Share and Manage Permissions-Revoke Acces

Manage All Permissions

Manage permissions has three tabs: Permissions you gave, Permissions you were given, and Pending invitations.

1. Go to Settings at the top-right hand corner.

2. Click on "Permissions".

Permissions You Gave

Click the tab "Permissions you gave", and either Share Access, Manage Permissions, or Revoke Access.

  • Share Access: Click the button "Share Access" to add a user by inputting their email and selecting the seller accounts.

  • Manage Permissions: Go to the user that you would like to manage permissions, click "Manage permissions", and determine user access by clicking on the seller accounts.

  • Revoke Permissions: Click on the red "Revoke access" button and confirm the pop-up to Revoke the Access to all.

Permissions You Were Given

Click on "See Permissions" to view the permissions you were given.

Share and Manage Permissions-See Permissions

Pending Invitations

This will allow you to manage whether or not the user you provided access to has accepted the permission by viewing the status, date.

Share and Manage Permissions-Pending Invitations

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