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The Cost of Goods refers to the direct costs of producing your products. Entering COGs will provide a proper sales breakdown in the Dashboard and the products module.

How to Add COGS (Cost of Goods)

The Cost of Goods column can be found in each tab. There, you will see the cost breakdown. Depending on the tab you are on, the breakdown column will show you the COGS within the range you selected in that period.

Entering Your COGS (Cost Of Goods) - Add COGS
  • Add the product cost in their original marketplace's currency:

Entering Your COGS (Cost Of Goods) - Add the Original Cost

The system will change it automatically, depending on the currency entered on the General Settings.

Entering Your COGS (Cost Of Goods) - Define your Currency

You can manually add your COGS or bulk upload them using a pre-filled CSV file.

To manually add your COGS:

  1. Find the ASIN to add COGS to.

  2. If it is child ASIN, click on the "+" sign at the left to open the children.

  3. Click on the COGS.

  4. Set the time frame.

  5. Add the Product Cost.

  6. Use the "Switch" to add advanced COGS, if desired.

  7. Add additional date ranges for COGS - you might do this if your production costs changed during a certain time period.

  8. Click the Add New button.

  9. Follow the same steps above in the Basic COGS Input OR Detailed COGS input above.

  10. Click on "Save",

Entering Your COGS (Cost Of Goods) - Save COGS

To Bulk Edit COGS:

  1. Go to the bottom of the page of your ‘Product’ module, click on "Bulk Edit COGS".

  2. Select the seller account.

  3. Download and fill the CSV template.

Important process notes

You will get a CSV file:

  1. Open a Google Spreadsheet.

  2. Go to the ‘File’ option.

  3. Click on open.

  4. Then go to the ‘Upload’ tab

  5. Load your CSV template file.

It is very important not to delete any columns. Only edit the information in the following columns:

  1. Date_from

  2. Date_to

  3. Product_cost

  4. Freight_cost

  5. Packaging_cost

  6. Duties_cost

  7. Storage_cost

  8. Other_cost

Keep all the column titles, and leave a “0” if you are not editing it.

Now you can upload customizable CSV files to update your COGS. Pick the date ranges and set different COGS.

  1. Click on "Next step".

  2. Upload the filled file.

  3. You have the ‘overwrite’ option for COGS that have already been defined for a product or just skip them.

  4. Save, and they will be automatically updated throughout the software. You may confirm COGS by reviewing them in the products module.

If you make an error, the system will detect it.

Add Multiple COGS with different time ranges

  • Manually: Click on "+ Add new" to be able to add another time range with a different product cost.

Entering Your COGS (Cost Of Goods) - Different Time Ranges
  • Bulk: It's the same as usual, just adding some more with their time ranges and product cost.

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