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This module will group and collect all of your customers' information based on pre-established filters you can combine to create your segments.

How to Create a Customer Segment

  1. Click on "+ Create Customer Segment".

  2. Select the seller account.

  3. Add a name to the segment.

  4. Define your segment to select customers matching only certain conditions.

Customer Segments SOP-Create

Please Note: By default, all your customers are included in a new segment.

  • AND condition: This will include all those customers who strictly comply with the established conditions. (For example, if condition A) Name is not empty B) # Orders equal to 3, it will show the customers whose name is not empty and made 3 orders.)

  • OR condition: This will show the customers who comply with one condition OR the other. The same example as before, it will show the customers whose name is not empty, and also it will show all the customers who made 3 orders, even if their name is empty.

IMPORTANT: In case there are questions about the filters, you can click on the "Filters Help" button for the description and type to be used.

Please note: You will be able to see the average number of customers the segment will pull below the "Filters Help" button.

5. Click on "Create Customer Segment" to save your changes.

6. To see the customers in the segment, just click on the customer segment name.

Customer Segments SOP-Name
Customer Segments SOP-Other filters

Segments Menu

Here you'll see each of the segment you've created with the following columns:

Seller account


# of customers

Each segment has its own menu, click on the three dots next to the segment name to:

Edit: Add, remove, or change the filters

Delete: Delete the segment

See the list of customers

Share Access to other users:

‣ Enter an email or name

‣ Choose the permissions this user(s) will have.

‣ Read

‣ Edit

‣ Delete

‣ Add an expiration date

‣ Click on "Share access".

Please Note: The system will automatically give access to people who are already signed up. Those that have not yet signed up will receive an invitation.

When you click on the segment name you'll be able to see your customers with the following columns:



ZIP code






Amount spent: Customer lifetime value, the total amount spent by the selected customer

Discount received: The all-time total amount of discounts received by a customer

Promo codes: Total number of promotional coupons applied by the customer

Negative feedbacks: The all-time total number of negative feedback (3 stars or less) received from a customer.

Returned items: The all-time total number of items returned by a customer

Last order

Email address


• Export your customer information. There are 4 options available:

-Basic- a CSV file containing the customer’s name and address.

-Extended- CSV file containing any data available about your customers.

-Facebook- CSV file to easily import customers into a Facebook audience.

-Email- CSV file containing name, phone, and/or email.

Manage permissions, it will show:

‣ The list of users who have access to that segment

‣ The actions they can perform (read, edit, and/or delete)

‣ The expiration date

‣ If you click the "Revoke Access" button, the change will be immediately reflected in the user's interface.

Customer Segments SOP - Manage Permissions

This module can be shared with other users. The "Owned by you" tab will show the customer segments you have created, and the "Owned by others" tab shows the customer segments created by other collaborators for your seller accounts.


To manage Permissions:

  • Click on the three dots next to the module name "Customer Segment".

  • Click on "Permissions".

  • Click on "Share Access".

  • Fill in the name or email of the user you wish to give permissions to.

  • Enable or disable the actions this user will be able to perform for your seller account(s).

  • Click on "Share Access".

Customer Segments SOP-Permissions
Customer Segments SOP-Share Access

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