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How to Create a Notification Channel

Set up how you wish to be notified when a change is detected.

1. Click on "Add Channel".

2. Add a name to the channel.

3. Click on the small "Add" button next to the Methods list.

There are 4 different notification methods to add: Email, SMS, Email Digest, and Zapier.

Alerts Notification Channel-Add Channel
  • To set up an email notification: Enter your email address, wait for the verification code to arrive in your inbox folder, and enter the code.

  • Setting up SMS has a similar procedure, just keep in mind that this service is only available for US and Canadian cell phone numbers.

  • The Email Digest allows you to group notifications into one email that can be sent to you in a pre-defined schedule.

  • The Zapier notification method allows you to automatically pull notifications from your Notification Channel and then sync them. For example, to a Google Sheet or any of the other applications that they support.

Add method

IMPORTANT: To set up Zapier you will first need to complete the rest of your channel setup.

4. Use the ASIN selector to choose the ASINs to be notified for.

Please Note: If you do not set specific ASINS, all the ASINs will be processed by default.

5. The Seller Account filter allows you to limit which seller accounts you wish to receive notifications.

6. Use the events filter to select the events you wish to receive notifications on. Each type of event has different notifications. For example, A BuyBox can be lost or recovered; however, a Title can only change. This is completely customizable.

7. Also, you can set do not disturb hours where you can configure not to receive notifications. It is important to mention that the system does not resend notifications after the do not disturb hours have ended.

8. Click on "Create Notification Channel" to save the settings.

Alerts Notification Channel-Create Notification

Another reason for using this is the filters to allow you to have greater control over who receives which notification. For example, you can set it to have Hijacker alerts on seller account 1, 2, and 3 to be sent to VA 1; then create another channel and configure all other alerts to go to VA 2. The combinations are endless and are completely up to you.

Once the notification channel has been created you can now perform various actions that are listed in the menu icon, which are the 3 dots on the left.

  1. The test channel option allows you to send a fake notification to Email and/or SMS recipients so you can check how it works.

  2. Pause Channel to stop receiving messages.

  3. Edit channel as needed.

  4. Delete channel.

Zapier Configuration:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the channel name.

  2. Click on the "Edit channel".

  3. Click on the "Add" button.

  4. Click on Zapier, and it will take you to a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your Zapier with the new notification channel.


On the 3rd tab "Logs", you can see all the alerts that triggered. On the top, you can search by specific ASIN and/or specific events.

Please Note: From all the alerts in the log, you will only be notified (email, SMS, email digest, or Zapier) for those you have enabled in your notification channels.

For each alert, you can also perform various actions that are listed in the 3 dots on the left.

  1. See Details: See the users that got notified for this event.

  2. Go to Amazon and/or Seller Central.

  3. Copy ASIN/SKU to clipboard.

Please note that we check all the ASINs every 60 minutes by default, and alerts from Children with the same Parent are muted.

Alerts Notification Channel-Actions

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