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This module will give you access to multiple lists of the most relevant, profitable, indexed, harvested, suggested, and used keywords in Amazon with any significant volume above 10-15 searches monthly.

These keywords can be copied or exported for different purposes or optimizations. These lists will be based on a primary keyword and multiple ASINs that match your product of interest.

The first section of this module will show the "Search History".

With every new research, a new record will be created. These keyword records can be downloaded or deleted directly from this section.

How to use Reverse ASIN+ - Search History Delete & Export

Please bear in mind that the search history is exclusive per Elite Seller account/user; it will only be visible to the user that made the research.

It means that you'll only be able to see your searches, not the ones that were made by other collaborators or by the owner of the Seller Account.

How To Start A New Research:

1. Provide a "Seed keyword"; this is the main keyword you are interested to track.

2. As for settings:

•Choose your marketplace.

•Maximum rank: show keywords or phrases for chosen competitors (ASINs) ranked equal to or better than the selected value. Elite Seller Tip: use a value of 300 as a good starting point.

•Minimum relevancy percentage: relevancy is a ratio showing how many of the selected keywords. 80% relevancy means that 8 of 10 competitors ranked to a selected keyword.

3. Click on the blue "Research" button.

4. It will pull the top 20 ASINS that are ranking for that keyword. Select a minimum of 5 and 20 at the most.

5. Click on the blinking search button and a list of keywords will be generated.

How to use Reverse ASIN+, SOP-Nw Research

Specify the total of entries you want per page, 10, 25, 50, or 100.

The first column shows the keywords with an external icon with which you will be redirected to Amazon’s search page for that keyword.

Next, for each Keyword, you will see:

  1. Keywords.

  2. Relevancy: ratio showing how many of the selected competitors (ASINs) have the selected keyword. 80% relevancy means that 8 of 10 competitors ranked to a selected keyword.

  3. Exact search volume: search results for the exact keyword or phrases.

  4. Broad search volume: take into consideration the exact keyword and relevant variations of the selected keyword or phrase.

  5. Competing products: estimated number of products that are ranking for the selected keyword or phrase.

  6. Average price: the average price of competing products that are ranked for the selected keyword or phrase.

  7. Average reviews: the average number of reviews of competing products that ranked for the selected keyword or phrase.

  8. Average rating: the average rating of competing products that ranked for the selected keyword or phrase.

The following columns are the ASINS selected in the beginning.

  1. The percentage indicates a value that is showing the percentage of all keywords in the list for which the selected competitors (ASIN) ranked.

  2. The positions listed below indicate where the product will be found on Amazon if you search for it using the keywords on the left.

Please Note: N/A indicates the product will not appear if you use that specific keyword.

Copy this data to the clipboard or export the CSV file.

To make new research, just click on "Clear data", as your previous one has already been saved.


The Reverse ASIN + module can be shared with other users to manage permissions:

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to the module name "Reverse ASIN +".

  2. Click on "Permissions".

  3. Click on "Share Access".

  4. Write the name or email of the user with whom you wish to give permissions

  5. Enable or disable the actions this user will be able to perform for your seller account(s).

  6. Click on "Share Access".

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