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Downloading the backlog is an essential step to enrich your Elite Seller account as it pulls data from past time ranges. This applies to reports, sales, products, orders, metrics, customers' information, etc.

How to download the backlog:

The Backlog download is requested directly in your Seller Accounts section.

  1. Click on the three blue dots next to the Seller Account name

  2. Select "Download Backlog".

  3. Pick the date from when you want to start pulling the data. The maximum limit for download is 365 days, so, the more historical information the better it is for your account data.

*IMPORTANT: We can only pull data from one year ago.*


Please bear in mind that this process could take a few hours/days depending on your sales volume and for how long you have been selling on Amazon.

You can always come back and verify the current progress of the download. The message will state the estimated time to complete the backlog. You will be notified once the backlog download is completed ⬇️


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