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For the Products module, you can either choose to group the products per parent ASIN, or you can set it to show the list of children ASINs.

1. Click on the Settings icon at the top right-hand menu.

2. Go to "Settings".

3. Click on "General".

4. Enable/Disable the "Display ASINs grouped per parent" option.

Please Note: By default, ASINs are grouped by a parent. If you uncheck the box, parent ASINs will be hidden.

5. Click on "Save".

ASINs Grouping-Settings

Grouped by parent option will show the products inside the parent's folder to have a more compact view.

ASINs Grouping-By Parent

If you disable the grouping option, all the child ASINS will be shown next to the parent ASIN column so you can identify them easier.

ASINs Grouping-Disable Grouping

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