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Once you open this module, the "Search History" will show the log of all the previous searches made.

There are 6 columns:

  • Product

  • Marketplace

  • ASIN

  • Units in the past 30 days

  • Sales in the past 30 days

  • Price

How to add competitor's ASINS to the tracker

  1. Select the Seller Account.

  2. Choose the marketplace.

  3. Enter the ASIN.

  4. Click on the blue "+" button on the right.

Once you have searched for the ASIN, the system will start collecting the data, processing it, and displaying it. The longer you let it run, the more data will be displayed daily.

To be able to see the ASIN History, or in case you want to delete it, click on the 3 dots next to the product image.

ASIN Spy-ASIN History
  • ASIN History will show a graph with:

Price, BSR, Reviews, Stars, Description Changed, Available, Multiple Sellers, Questions, Top Reviews Rating, First Place, Top 3, First Page

ASIN Spy-Graph

You can choose to not display them by clicking on the metric name.

Please Note: The Sales are calculated based on a formula that adjusts automatically depending on the sales historical data we have.

Our development team tested the functionality of this formula, verifying that it is correct. Since it’s just an estimation, the information displayed may vary depending on the seller that owns the buy box, and the availability of the product.


The ASIN Spy module can be shared with other users. To manage their permissions:

  • Click on the 3 blue dots next to the module name "Keywords".

  • Click on "Permissions".

  • Click on "Share Access".

  • Write the name or email of the user you wish to give permissions to.

  • Enable or disable the actions this user will be able to perform for your seller account(s).

  • Click on "Share Access".

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