Keyword Tracker

The Autotracker feature of the Keyword Tracker module has been improved, and now, its Artificial Intelligence is finding and tracking up to 3 times more keywords for your products!

These keywords are found and matched automatically. When you start to rank for more keywords, the tracker will pick this up and add them automatically.

On each row, you will see a plus (+) sign which allows you to see all the keywords that you are currently tracking for an ASIN.

Just click on the 3 dots to deploy the menu and manage or copy your keywords.

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Keyword Menu

Dashboard Widget Menu

Now, there is a new category in the Dashboard Widgets menu called Account comparison, which contains widgets to help you contrast two high-relevance statistics between seller accounts!

Also, the widgets selector has a new search function and polished look so you can find the metric cards, charts, lists, or P&L views needed in no time.

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Widget Menu

Subscription Model

Ran out of credits for a specific feature? No worries! our Subscriptions Section is now flexible so you can use our add-ons to increase the number of credits for any of your plan’s components.

You can see your accounts’ usage and play around with the sliders to know what your final subscription charge would be.

Once ready, just click on "Change Plan", and your subscription and credits will be updated.

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Subscription model

Bug Fixes:

✔ Sessions and conversion predictive feature updated. These rates are now predicted for when Amazon doesn’t have the data available yet. (Visible using Yesterday and Today time ranges in the dashboard.)

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Bug Fixes

✔ Fixed a bug that was throwing an error on the Dashboard caused by multiple sorting combinations on the product list widget.

✔ Applied various fixes on the Review Requester functionality, and we now send out alerts when the bot loses access.

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Issue Review

Product Segments sales data is now being shown correctly.

Elite Seller Updates 1.01 - Sales Data

✔ Fixed various bugs with the Keyword Tracker keywords and estimated clicks calculation for all the marketplaces, focusing on the EU marketplaces.

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