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If you are the owner of the account and you notice that your products are not loading for a specific module, please check the following steps.

Please Note: If your account has been recently created, it could take from a few hours to a couple of days for the system to pull all your products correctly.

  • Check on the account selector to corroborate the right account is enabled.

Products-Acount Selector
  • Go to the settings icon and select "Subscription" to certify you have an active subscription.


  • SCI is set correctly?

Go to the Seller Accounts module and verify that the seller account has the SCI permissions. Take a look at this article to check on further details and find out how to set up permissions.

  • FBM Products

If your products are FBM they may take longer to be processed by the system.

Check the SCI permissions and click here to verify all the permissions required are set.

Products-SCI Permissons
  • Backlog Download

Remember to have your backlog fully downloaded, this can help you track all of your ASINs.

You can request your Backlog download directly in your Seller Accounts section. Click on the three dots next to the Seller Account name and click on ‘Download Backlog’. We can pull data from one year ago.
Please bear in mind that this process could take a few hours/days depending on your sales volume and for how long you sell on Amazon.

In case that your account was recently created please give it a couple of days to process the data of all of the ASINs.

Please Note: If you are a collaborator, please get in touch with the owner of the accounts and first, verify if you have the necessary permissions to view the module you would like to work with/at.

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