Your Improved Keyword Tracker is Here

We have revamped our Keyword Tracker.

  • Now it shows you the Top and Bottom Keywords Rank. These Rankings show you the exact dates of its reach based on the time range selected.

  • Displaying the Search Volume at the top of the graph.

  • Presents by default the last 30 days when opening the graph and competitors off to see your ASIN on its own.

  • Export screenshots of ranking success with Elite Seller’s Logo watermark on the back.

Elite Seller Updates 1.02 - Keywords Rank

2-Factor Authentication

We care about the privacy of your data and we know that access to your funds (via gift cards) must be secured.

That's why 2-Factor Authentication has been introduced on all accounts. Our system will detect and send an email when we trigger an access attempt from an IP address that was not previously associated with your account. Just provide the verification code and you'll be ready to go!

Elite Seller Updates 1.02 - 2-Factor Authentication


  • The export feature of the Product List Widget has been improved to include all of the ASINs in the screenshot downloaded.

  • The Metric Charts bug has been fixed so they won't change their size when using different time ranges.

  • The Time Ranges Selectors logic has been improved.

  • You can now set the dashboard to Today’s time range with no hassle.


Watchlist improved! Remove customers from the watchlist permanently and add them again anytime you want!


Zapier Logo is showing under your Notifications Channel Methods.

Helps you identify it quicker.

Elite Seller Updates 1.02 - Alerts Zapier

More on Keyword Tracker ...

Visual detail on the number of entries has been fixed.


The Marketplace selector no longer appears after trying to do a search when you have run out of credits.

Gift Cards

Be notified anytime something happens with your gift cards! When a requested gift card has not been found, a message will pop to let you know.

Landing Pages

  • Upgraded design on Landing Pages to prevent any errors. If the user doesn’t verify the order ID, an improved message will appear to let them know some steps are missing in order to continue.

  • Deleted Landing Pages with a click and no errors will be popping up.

Review Requester

Fulfillment terms have been renamed:



System Functionality Improvements

  • The backlog download message now states that the start date can't be lower than 1 year ago.

  • Decimal places have increased for the Discount column in the Customers module.

  • In case you forgot to apply the coupon code to your subscription, now we can apply your coupons faster! Remember that you can join our affiliates dashboard here and start onboarding your friends!


This section has been imposed so you can always add the advanced costs to the COGS in the Products Module, or leave them blank if nothing needs to be added and save them seamlessly.

Elite Seller Updates 1.02 - COGS


Your collaborators can now see the list of permissions they have. Whenever they have to take action in a module they don’t have access to, they can check the Permissions page to know which module to ask for access to.

Elite Seller Updates 1.02 - Permissions

And other minor bug fixes and improvements to make your Elite Seller experience the best...!

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