As part of our commitment to protect your account's information and payment methods, the 2-Factor Authentication has been implemented to our software.

Each time we detect an access attempt from an IP address or devise that was not previously associated with your account, you will receive a notification via email along with a confirmation code you would need to provide to access your account.

This email will arrive automatically to the email you sign in to Elite Seller with. Once found, copy the confirmation code and paste it into the code field, and you’ll be ready to go!

2 Factor Authentication-Search For Confirmation Code

If you happen to receive this email and you were not trying to sign in, the email will also contain some extra information about the access attempt like:

  1. The user that tried to log in knows your login email and password

  2. The IP address from which the attempt was made


You can look up the location of your current or the external attempt IP address from using this website:

Also, if you think your account has been compromised, we suggest you check your email address on this website to make sure you were not part of any security breaches on other websites.

Is it possible to turn off the 2FA?

Yes, now it is possible to disable the 2FA.

  • Go to the upper right corner and select the settings icon.

Elite Seller Platform - Settings - Account
  • Then you will find the option to enable/disable the 2FA.

Elite Seller Platform - Settings - Account - 2FA

It's totally up to you to have or to have not this feature, its main function is that each time our system detects a new IP address, or a session that remains inactive for a long period of time or if have a VPN turned on and change to different locations it will send a code and will keep sending it, this is for security reasons only 😉

Share the code with your team

Set up the 2FA Code email via Zapier to forward to the Team Chat platform of your preference, so anybody from your team can access it without issues.

As always, if you need further assistance or have any other questions about why you are receiving these emails, you can contact us at

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