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How can I transfer money to my general wallet?

There are 2 options to proceed on this:

  • Bank Transfer: You can do a one-time payment to add funds to your wallet. With these funds, you'll be able to pay any of the services offered on Elite Seller modules.

Note: No processing fees will be charged.

General Wallet-Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card: Select a Credit Card from the payment methods you added and pick the amount you would like to add.

Please Note: A 4% credit card processing fee will be added to your selected amount.

General Wallet-Credit Card

Wallet Transactions

Review recent wallet transactions and the details about them:

Date: Creation Date

Requested By: Who requested this transaction (Bot, User, Collaborator, etc.)

Amount: Amount of the transaction created

Source: Wallet, Credit Card, etc.

Description: Extended detail on what this transaction is about

Automatic Top-Up

🙅‍♀️ Do not ever run out of funds! Enable automatic top-up to make sure you always have funds in your main wallet.

If your balance drops below $100 USD, we will charge $100 USD automatically from your primary credit card on file.

Note: A 4% credit card processing fee will be added to each charge.

Fund From Main Wallet

As long as you have this option presented in any of the Elite Seller Services, you can enable it in case you want to be funded first from the General Wallet, before getting charged your selected card.

General Wallet-Select Amount
  • This message will appear in case you do not have funds in the main wallet. In that case, you will be charged from the selected credit card ⬇️

General Wallet-Add funds
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