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Upgrade Subscription Plan

Whenever you hit your credit limits, the system will ask you to upgrade the subscription, OR you also have the option to use add-ons to increment specific module credits.

manage subscription-upgrade message

In case that you would prefer not to pay for additional credits, you can opt to minimize the membership plan.

Customize my Subscription

If you consider that you're not making the most out of your current plan subscription, pick to downsize with customization.

  • Add components to the subscription to increase explicit module credits.

Downgrade your Subscription by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings icon > Click on Subscriptions > Select the plan you would like to change to > Click on Change Plan.

What to do if this message appears when I want to downgrade my subscription?

* The excess amounts vary.

manage susbscription-downgrade

There are 2 quick fixes to do this:

Option 1: Add the extra components to your subscription as add-ons.

Manage subscription-Quick fix option 1
  • Click on 'Change Plan' to proceed.

Option 2: Reduce the exceeding credits that surpass the module's limits.

Manage susbscrption-quick fix option 2

Ex. Keyword Tracker Module: Delete records (Keywords) from this module so the system won't consider these extras in your subscriptions.

Manage subscription-keyword tracker module

Once the remaining have been removed, the account subscription will return to the limit of the module's credits usage so you can move on to downgrade.

Applying Coupons

When adding a Discount Coupon to your subscription please bear in mind that the discount will not apply to the Add-Ons you have and they will only be discounted to the base subscription.

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