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If you want to check your Alerts Log on the dashboard without having to go to the alerts module, you can add a widget to give it a quick check when you access your dashboard!

How to Add the Alerts Log Widget

1. Click on "Dashboard" in the left-hand menu.

2. Determine the tab you would like to add the Product List Widget to by clicking on the tab. The tab selected will be underlined, OR add a new tab.

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Add tab

3. Click on the "+ Add Widget" Button.

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Add Widget

4. Search for "Alerts".

5. Click the button "Add widget to tab".

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Alerts Log

Alerts Log Widget can be locked by:

  • Seller account(s)

  • Type

  • Number of Alerts displayed

For the seller account and type settings, the widget will respect the locks no matter what accounts are enabled using the Seller Accounts selector.

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Edit Widget

The widget will show an exclamation mark indicating it is blocked to a seller account.

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Exclamation Mark


  • Sort them by Product, Date, Status, Type, Seller Account, and ASIN.

  • Drag and drop the columns to arrange them as desired.

Export the Alerts Log Widget as an image

Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the widget and select "Export as image". A screenshot of your widget will be automatically downloaded containing all the products and columns in your widget.

Add the Alerts Log Widget-Export as Image

How to Clone Widgets:

  1. Select the widget.

  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right up corner of the widget.

  3. Click on Clone, and a widget with the same characteristics will be added to your tab.

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