🚨New Adult flag alert!

Get instantly notified if your product got suppressed due to an adult flag from Amazon.

Elite Seller Updates 1.05 - Alerts

Keyword Tracker:

  • The keyword tracker is currently pulling your keywords list faster!

  • Sorting by columns now puts all the N/A data at the bottom.


  • PPC Data recalculated and updated for the last 30 days.

  • Product list widget image bug fixed.


  • Products Overview graph velocity boosted!

  • Products watchlist export file bug fixed.

Other Bug Fixes:

βœ” Permissions Section share access feature bug fixed.

βœ” Keyword tracker action button logic fixed (pin, stop, pause).

βœ” Review requester issue fixed.

βœ” Bulk upload COGS fix applied, it now tells when your file has extra and unnecessary columns.

βœ” Email automation-Product short titles bugs fixed.

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