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🎯Automatic Keyword Discovery

Your Keyword Tracker can automatically add new active ASINs to the keyword tracker.

  • Automatic ASIN Discovery: When enabled, once it detects a new ASIN with recent sales it can add it to your tracker.

  • Automatic Keyword Discovery for new ASINs: Enable it to automatically start looking for keywords that your new ASIN ranks for.

⬆️Top and ⬇️Bottom Ranking Positions

By clicking on the keyword itself you can see a more detailed ranking graph that also includes:

  • The product's rank trend based on the time range selected

  • Your selected competitor's trend

  • Top and Bottom Ranking positions for the selected time range.

Keyword Tracker-Graph

📌Pin your Top Keywords

Don't lose sight out of your best keywords and pin them to have them on top.

  • Now you can have Primary keywords showing up at the top of the keyword list for each product.

Keyword Tracker-Pin

📥 Keyword Tracker Export Feature.

Export the list of keywords that are being tracked for your ASINs and their statistics in a click.

🗒️Notes, Quick Refresh & 🔄10-Day Boost

Notes: You can also add notes to specific keywords, to know if a keyword is being used for launching campaigns, or any other important event.

Quick Refresh: Request the data to be refreshed quicker. You can do this whenever you may notice small inconsistencies in the ranking, select the "quick refresh" button in the menu for each keyword or use the mass selector and the action button.

10-Day Boost Mode: This one will allow tracking the keywords hourly.

Keyword Tracker-Feed

👥Competitors' Products

Track competitor's ASINs, just the same as your ASINs tracked in the 'My products' tab. Each ASIN added in the 'Other products' tab can also have 2 main competitors that will have to be added manually.

  1. Click on Track Product

  2. Go to Track any ASIN

  3. Enter seller account and ASIN you’d like to track. Remember, when adding the ASIN, it suggests if you would like to track the Parent ASIN in case it has one, it is recommended to track the parent.

  4. Click on track ASIN

  5. Select Competitors: Add 2 main competitors for that product.

Once you have added the ASIN, you can find 3 dots that contain a menu with various options:

On this menu, you can find 'Manage competitors' to easily modify the 2 main competitors of the ASIN as well as the 'Enable/Disable Automatic Keyword Discovery' that will automatically enable/disable the keyword discovery per ASIN.

🪄Auto-tracker feed

If you have the auto-tracker feature enabled in your Keyword Tracker settings, now you can see the auto-tracker feed in your dashboard to check the new ASINs that are being tracked, the keywords changes, and the keywords that were removed from the tracker.
With the auto-tracker, we start tracking new ASINs based on their recent sales and add/remove the ranking Keywords for you.
To insert this widget, click on Add widget, go to the List category and look for the Autotracker feed.

Keyword Tracker Top Features - Auto-Tracker Feed

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