🎯New Keyword List Widget!

If you have the auto-tracker feature enabled in your Keyword Tracker settings, now you can see the auto-tracker feed in your dashboard to check the new ASINs that are being tracked and the keywords that were added or removed from the tracker.

Elite Seller Updates 1.06 - List Widget

With the auto-tracker feature, we start tracking new ASINs based on their recent sales and add/remove the ranking Keywords for you.

To insert this widget, click on Add widget, go to the List category and look for the Autotracker feed.

Elite Seller Updates 1.06 - Autotracker Feed


A more efficient way to find your keywords!

You can now filter your keywords within the whole list of ASINs in the Keyword Tracker, or at a product level inside the ASIN keywords list.

Elite Seller Updates 1.06 Search Box

📤Customer Segments New Export Options Available!

Once you create your customer segment, click on the three dots menu next to the segment name to export your customer data.

There are 4 options available:

  • Basic- a CSV file containing the customer’s name and address.

  • Extended- CSV file containing any data available about your customers.

  • Facebook- CSV file to easily import customers into a Facebook audience.

  • Email- CSV file containing name, phone, and/or email.

Other Improvements:


  • Search bar logic improved.

  • Orders statuses have been updated to prevent issues with shipment and delivery dates.

Keyword Tracker:

  • Sorting in columns has been updated, N/A data stays at the bottom.

  • BSR trend graph has been updated with Elite Seller’s colorimetry.

  • Keywords list loading speed was enhanced.

Email automation:

  • Product short titles improvement.


  • Improved the time the graphs take to load.

  • Product P&L recalculated.

  • COGS modal time range selectors fixed.


  • Last month's sales data was recalculated.

  • The time range selector now highlights and saves the time range selected.

Review Requester:

  • The delay setting improved to match the order status.

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