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Before getting started remember to set up your account basics to have an even better experience with the software, once everything is connected you’re now ready to have the full Elite Seller experience.

Seller Accounts Module

Set up SCI

Enabling the SCI will allow Elite Seller’s Bot to obtain data (orders, reports, etc) automatically on your behalf. This is also essential in order to set up automation within our tools (reviews, alerts, etc.)

Click on this LINK to follow every step to connect it correctly.

Set Your Account Basics to Get Started - Set Up SCI

Download Backlog

Downloading the backlog is an essential step to pull data from past time ranges this applies to reports, sales, products, orders, metrics, customers' information, etc.

Remember that the backlog must be downloaded for each and every account that is added.

Click on this LINK to follow every step to download it correctly.


Connect Your PPC (Pay-per-click) Ad Account

Connecting your PPC Ad Account will grant Elite Seller permissions to the data from your Amazon Seller Account PPC campaigns such as sales, spend, click, ACoS, and more. Once connected you will be able to manage the data within our Dashboard.

Click on this LINK to set it the right way.

Set Your Account Basics to Get Started - Connect PPC


The Cost of Goods refers to the direct costs of producing your products. Entering COGs will provide a proper sales breakdown in the Dashboard and the products module.

You can follow the whole process on how to enter your COGS on this LINK.


All About Settings

  • General Settings

- ASINs grouped per parent: This one is helpful in the products module. By default, ASINs are grouped per parent. If you uncheck the box, parent ASINs will be hidden.

- Update your currency setting: This setting is important if you manage multiple seller accounts with various currencies. Click HERE to find out how.

  • Alerts

Set up automated tracking of your ASINs. For each seller account, you can define what alerts should be tracked automatically for each new ASIN, so you do not have to enable them manually each time a new ASIN is added.

  • Keyword Tracker

Enable or Disable the seller accounts you want the tool to automatically track.

Once auto-tracking is enabled for a seller account, the system will manage the ASINs while continuously looking for new keywords that you rank for and add them to the tracker. ASINs are automatically removed from the tracker if no sale has been made within 30 days.

  • Email Automation

From this section, you will be able to configure from what email address your emails will be sent, and you need to also set up Seller Central Notifications, which is essential if you want to stop sending emails to customers that no longer wish to receive your messages.

After going through these steps carefully, the data should be presented correctly in each and every module.

If you happen to see that the information is not matching with Amazon, or have any other questions, please let us know using the chat bubble at the bottom of the page 😊.

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