ℹ️ Integromat Configuration

A highly requested feature is HERE! Configure it to collect lead data easily and automatically through the variety of apps Integromat supports.

✅Facilitates the way it collects data from a trigger point.

  • Create a spreadsheet with your lead information.

  • Send the lead data to your CRM.

  • Send the data to your email campaign provider.

  • Integrate it into your customer support platform.

  • Social media-related tasks managers.

  • And much more!

Elite Seller Updates 1.07 - Integromat

🛎️ 🧒 Alerts

Children count is now visible if the ASIN in the Alerts is a parent.

When setting up alerts for a specific ASIN, if it’s a parent it now displays a Child counter where you'll be able to set up children monitoring.

Elite Seller Updates 1.07 - Alerts

💵 Product Segments “See Sales”

The ‘See Sales’ option for product segments is now available for everyone 👏 This will allow you to see the sales overview graph for the products in the segment previously created.

Create a product segment for a specific ASIN(s) and find out the Sales for this one(s) in particular.

Elite Seller Updates 1.07 - See Sales

Other Improvements:

Keyword Tracker:

  • Active Boosted Keywords data older than 3 months will be compacted into daily data.

  • Tagging feature improved.

  • Add ranking keywords automatically’ switch has been replaced for a button.

  • ASIN upload feature improved to add more products at the same time, without issues.

  • Column visibility list bug fixed.

  • Manage keywords: Ranking keywords improved so it can load the real rankings faster.


  • Search bar characters limit established to prevent errors.

  • Delivery date and status have been removed from the orders roadmap due to the lack of certainty from Amazon about when the delivery happened.


  • COGS: Datepicker logic fixed.

  • The product’s sales graph now has an info bubble that indicates that the units ordered are used for the P&L calculation.

Review Requester:

  • Order status updated in the Delay Review bot editor.


  • The product sales graph time range was improved to highlight the date selected.

  • Product list widget SKU column visual detail fixed.

  • Time range selectors now exclude ‘today’ in the pre-set last X days options available to improve reporting.

Email automation template:

  • Error when using the ‘Start-All automations’ option has been fixed.


  • Alerts credits usage system was improved to detect and count both parent and child ASINs.

  • When enabling the alerts monitoring for a whole column with more than 50 products, a progress bar will be shown so you can see in real-time how the system is processing your request.

Customers segments

  • The export option is now available for everyone (show export options)

Permissions page

  • Was improved by being able to eliminate/revoke access to collaborators efficiently.

  • Email box issues were fixed so owners can share access to their collaborators without issues.

ASIN Selector:

  • Velocity and logic improved so it can process book ASINs correctly.


  • Search bar visual detail fixed.

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