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Create unique QR codes that can redirect to any given URL, customize the QR code image to match the brand colorimetry and logo.

Rotate several URLs that can be changed anytime since the same QR image redirects to the links given.

QR Codes & Links - QR Code

Title and Social

Enter the title of the QR so it can easily be found anytime. Whether it needs to be tested or requires modification later, it's best to name it, especially when having a variety of QR codes.

Enter a name and description to the link so people on social media can reach out to it once someone has shared this on their profiles.

Upload an image that will appear once the link is shared. *Make sure that it matches the Facebook requirements listed below the image.


Configure the URL for your QR Code. Elite Seller provides a default URL, but you can configure your domain.

a. Create a new CNAME for the subdomain you wish to use and point it at elsl.io.

b. Enter the subdomain in the form above and press "Check".

c. Press "Next" if your subdomain is configured correctly.

If the subdomain was not configured correctly at your domain provider, it could take up to an hour before you can test your DNS configuration again.

Check this article to learn more on how to customize your subdomain.

Type of URL

🔗Regular URLs
Provide a list of target URLs manually, you can either upload a text file with URLs or just add them manually.

🪄 🔗 Magic URLs
Provide an ASIN + a list of keywords and our system will automatically generate magic URLs that will help you rank up to 10 times better than any other super URL!
(This is a feature only available for customers with an Advanced, Pro, and Elite subscription)

For 🔗Regular URLs

Target URLs

  • Select how to rotate the URLs with the Rotation Method selector. Choose between these rotation methods:

- Random: Randomly picks a URL and it can select more than once a link. This one is suggested when only 1 URL is inserted.

- Weighted: Choose the weight for your URLs. URL's weight must be 100% total.

- Sequential: It rotates the URLs one after the other.

  • Add another URL by clicking on + Add Target URL

  • If the Weighted option is selected, set the weight for the URLs from 5% to 100%.

Add as many URLs as desired and these links can be changed after the code is created.

QR Codes & Links - Rotation Method
QR Codes & Links - Sequential
  • Upload URLs in bulk. Upload as many URLs as desired in a TXT file at the same time. Each link should be listed in a different row. These can be typed in the following forms:

    QR Codes & Links - URL List

    *If you have more than 10 links, the weighted option won't be available. It is suggested to use Random or Sequential from 11 URLs and up.

QR Codes & Links - TXT File

For 🪄 🔗 Magic URLs

  1. Select your rotation method: Random or sequential.

  2. Click on Add Keywords button.

  3. Choose the marketplace of the ASIN

  4. Add the ASIN

  5. Paste your Amazon Attribution Slug/Tag so it can be merged into the URL.

  6. Add the list of keywords

  7. Click on Add Keywords and the magic links will start being generated!

QR Generator

Customize the code to engage your audience. Here it’s possible to personalize colors, insert a logo in the middle of the code, set the style, etc.

Set the style and color for each of these:

  • Background color

  • Dots option

  • Corners square option

  • Corners dot option

Add a logo image to be inserted in the middle of the Code.

QR code can be downloaded in these formats: PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS.

QR Codes & Links - Set QR Code Style

QR Codes List

All the QR Codes will be listed, and they can be sortable and ordered by any column with the drag and drop feature: QR Code, Seller Account, URL, URL Count, Rotation Method.

Each QR code has its own menu. Click on the three dots next to the product image to:

  • Edit Title and Social

  • Edit URL

  • Edit Target URLs

  • Edit QR Code

  • Delete Link

In this section you can do the following actions:

Create: Click to create a new QR Code


- Export all the QR codes

- Delete selected

Columns: Select the columns that should be displayed

Reset: Revert any recent changes

Search: Search by URL or Title to easily find what you're looking for.

Edit: Click on the QR Code to edit and customize it


This module can be shared with other users. To manage the permissions:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the module name "QR Codes & Links".

  2. Click on "Permissions".

  3. Click on "Share Access".

  4. Write the name or email of the user you wish to give permissions to.

  5. Enable or disable the actions this user will be able to perform for your seller account(s).

  6. Click on "Share Access".

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