Now you are able to export the product list widget as a CSV to download the products' information you have displaying there.



Now you can protect your account’s information when showing Elite Seller to one of your friends with the new privacy mode.

To enable it just go to the settings section and Activate it.



These two PPC metrics are now available in the product list widget. Track them in the Overview graph too!


New Price Change Alert! Now product price change is detected.


2-FA can now be disabled to avoid getting a code each time a new session is open.

🔗QR & Links

  • Upload your links in a single click with the bulk upload feature for the QR & links module.

  • If you want to edit your QR code design just click on the QR image and select edit.

  • Set style and logo menu visual detail fixed.

  • Rotation methods description added so you can check how they work before selecting a type.

  • Copy to clipboard feature now includes HTTPS://


  • Date Range selector fix, the last XX days don’t include 'today'.

  • Dashboard Product List visual detail fixed.

  • Dashboard visual detail fixed when adding new widgets.

  • The taxes column is now available in the Product list widget.

  • Cost Metric Card Widget arrow and colors are rearranged to show the correct trend.

Keyword Tracker

  • Keyword tracker ‘manage keywords’ tracking loader fixed so it can load the rankings faster.

  • Keyword tracker user interface improved.

Products Manager

  • Products module export file column header names were changed so they can match the column titles in the module.

  • Products export file bug fixed so it can now export all of your selected products correctly.

  • Grouping by parent feature improved.

  • The product's P&L currencies and legend have been corrected.


  • Alerts input field for the emails was improved to prevent errors while setting up the notification channel method.

  • Bullet points change event now shows the correct order as in Amazon

Keywords Module: Filters limits error has been fixed

Reverse ASIN+ system improvement so it can load your keywords quicker.

Review Requester: Search bar implemented into the review requester module so you can find the requested orders quicker.

Email automation: Start automation in bulk error fixed.

Orders: The roadmap will now show the cancel status.

Products: No SKU details will be shown if the parent doesn't have an SKU.

For Keywords and Reverse ASIN+ modules: Now, the search history will only be available for the user who made it. It will no longer be shared among the users who have access to the seller account.

💬 Help Bubbles

When doing hover on the columns' titles, now it shows you help bubbles for the columns in the modules with a description or how it is calculated.

  • Customers Module

  • Products Manager

  • Orders

  • Alerts

  • Keyword Tracker

  • Keywords

  • Reverse ASIN+

  • ASIN Spy

  • Gift Cards

  • Email Automation

  • Review Requester

  • Customer segments

  • Products Segments

  • Seller Accounts

⚙️Micro fixes

  • All the image upload fields of the platform were updated to prevent issues with non-accepted file types.

  • 2-FA code: Inactive session length was amplified to prevent users from getting locked out and sent the 2-FA code

  • Permission's page pagination has been improved so you can go to the second page.

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