Before getting started, remember to coordinate with your agency so that every step is well-executed on both sides.

Learn step by step how to set up your Seller Account to Elite Seller when an agency is the owner of the Elite Seller account.

Set up all connections for your Amazon Central Account to get started with the Elite Seller Platform.

1. Sign in to Amazon Seller Central

Amazon sellers, you must give access to your Amazon Seller Central Account and Sign in with your Amazon credentials.

Amazon US

Amazon EU

Amazon CAN

2. Confirm Developer Access

After you have logged into MWS you can just click on the Next button, we have already pre-filled the required fields.
The Developer's name should display: Elite Seller and the Developer Account Number should be: (follow the guide depending on the marketplace).


Developer Account Number

United States








United Kingdom








Add seller account: confirm developer access

3. Accept the MWS License agreement

Mark the checkbox and click the Next button.

Add seller account: accept the MWS License Agreement

4. Copy API Credentials

Copy/Paste the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token displayed on the Congratulations page to the form below.

Add seller account: copy API credentials

Share with your agency, the Seller ID, the MWS auth token, and the Store name.

After typing the information you proportionate to the agency, the agency will click on the 'Save Seller Account' option at the bottom of the page.

5. Permissions

Enabling the SCI will allow Elite Seller’s Bot to obtain data (orders, reports, etc) automatically on your behalf. This is also essential to set up automation within our tools (reviews, alerts, etc.)

For Agency:

a) Go to the Seller Accounts section on the left menu

b) Go to Column Named 'SCI' (Seller Central Integration)

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Seller Accounts

c) Click on 'Set up and follow the 3 first steps, it will send you to the Amazon Seller Central of the seller, where the seller will add our user.

Share the email indicated with the owner of the Amazon account.

Important📌. Please make sure you send the invite to the right user, and please be patient as the invite email will be sent to EliteSeller and it could take up to 30 minutes for us to accept and confirm the invite.

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Go To Amazon Seller Central

d) Once our system accepts the invite, return to your Seller Accounts section and click on 'Set Permissions'.

Seller Central Integration (SCI)-Set Permissions

These are all the permissions that should be granted to the seller in order to change the SCI Status to ACTIVE and share them with the Amazon account owner.

SCI Permissions Page - Reports
SCI Permissions Page - Orders

For the SCI Review Requester error, this is the permission that will fix the issue:

SCI Permissions Page - Settings


Agency: Once you have verified that the proper permissions were given, return to Elite Seller and click on "I confirm permissions have been given".

SCI-Confirm Permissions

6. Ad Account

Connecting your PPC Ad Account will grant Elite Seller permissions to access the Amazon Advertising Campaigns Manager data from the user such as sales, ad spend, clicks, ACoS, and more. Once connected the agency and the users will be able to manage the data within our Dashboard.

a) Go to the Seller Accounts section on the left menu.

b) Go to Column Named Ad Account ('Amazon Advertising' API). This will connect your PPC Ad Account.

Connect Your PPC (Pay-per-click) Ad Account-Seller Accounts

c) Click on “Set Up”

Connect Your PPC (Pay-per-click) Ad Account-Login with Amazon

d) Click here to Login with Amazon

Note📘: PPC data will only track the past 2 months from the moment the Ad Account is set up on Elite Seller.

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