⏰📈Account Hourly Stats Widget

Track and compare your Orders, Revenue, and unit statistics hour by hour.

📏Resizable Product List Widget

This feature allows you to do a vertical resize of the widget for the number of ASINs shown at a glance.


🎉New Columns in the Products Manager

Sort, export, and analyze ACOS and TACoS at a product level.


🚨New alert! BSR Change

Detects if you have a Best Seller Ranking change under or above the percentage set.


📍Keyword Tracker Pinning Feature

Pin the most relevant products at the top of the list so you don’t miss them among them all.


Keyword Tracker

  • The Pinned products and keywords can now be sorted as well.


  • Now, you can clone your widgets to have two or more widgets with the same settings.

  • The ACOS and TACOS metrics at an ASIN level were recalculated for the Product List Widget.

  • Widgets locked by the seller account are now showing the name of the seller account in the tooltip.

Keyword Research and Reverse ASIN

  • The keywords module was divided into two new modules: Keyword research and Reverse ASIN

Products manager

  • The Pinned products will now be sorted as well.

  • This module is now showing two new columns for inventory value! Retail and Cost.

Email automation

  • Bugs and error messages when previewing the templates were fixed.

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