🤳Keep track of the orders we’ve requested reviews for.

Now you have the option to export into a CSV report the list of order IDs from the Review Requester module.

Review requester export option

👀🚨Keep an eye on changes or updates for specific dates!

In our Alerts module, you can now export the alerts logs by date range.

Export logs from the alert module

Reverse ASIN

We improved the tooltips for the reverse ASIN module.

Keyword tracker module

  • The camera button when you click on a specific keyword is now working and aligned to the time range selectors.

  • The logic for the BSR was fixed as the data of the keyword tracker module was not showing up as the one in the products module for the same ASIN.


Products module

The logic for the COGS was fixed as the data was not showing up to the end date, they ended one day before.

QR & links module

We added a “copy to clipboard” button on the QR links and the preview of the QR codes was fixed for iPhone users.


Metric cards trends functionality was fixed.

⚙️Other Micro-fixes

  • Privacy mode. We updated the privacy mode so it can blur all the recently added features on our modules.

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