🧙🏼‍♂️Onboarding wizard!

Do not miss any important steps when setting up your account! Our onboarding wizard will guide you step by step so we can make sure your account is all set to make the most out of Elite Seller.

Onbording wizard!

⚠️ Dashboard widgets warnings

So your widgets can always have accurate information, the widgets now will remind you which of the permissions or pending setup is missing to pull information from the Seller Accounts!

Dashboard widgets warnings

📋Keyword tracker-Copy Keywords to Clipboard feature

Now we can copy to clipboard the keywords that best works for you to easily save them for other strategies like generating Magic Links in the QR & Links module.

Keyword tracker-Copy Keywords to Clipboard feature

✅ Reverse ASIN

We updated the column tooltips from the Reverse ASIN module.

🗂️QR & links

We added an 'export selected' to the Target URLs section.

🔍Keyword finder

We fixed the search bar to insert keywords for mobile users.

Keyword Tracker

A bug with the column visibility menu which was not allowing users to hide the BSR History graph was fixed.

🔧Other micro-fixes

  • The logic of the currency functions that generated a difference with metrics and financial reports in the P&L widget was fixed.

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