🧾Dashboard Taxes Metric Card was recalculated

The logic of the taxes widget was fixed so it could pull and match the information from the P&L correctly.

🗒️ The Products P&L was reconfigured

The P&L calculation per product was fixed as the advertisement costs were not being included in the profit calculation.

⏱️Dashboard: Hourly stats widget has been resized

Standard size for the hourly widget was established when resizing it so it can display all the information needed precisely.

📥Customers Segments

The logic of exporting your customer’s segments into a CSV file was fixed as well as the logic of sorting high to low.

🛠️ Sponsored Products API restored.

The SP API was restored to avoid an error showing up to pull the information correctly.

⏳ Dashboard

The chart widget to save the edited information right away was fixed since it was not being saved.

🎯Keyword Tracker

A glitch was fixed on the reset button to take the columns where they were by default.

🔗 QR & Links

A Bug when deleting the QR and links was preventing them from being deleted immediately, so it was amended.


The reset button was working on its surroundings so it was fixed.

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